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July 2023

Introducing a platform made for classic vehicle designs, with configurable vehicle attributes

The Heritage Modular Architecture1 (HMA), is a platform specially developed by Ericsson Automobile   – for classic cars with narrower trackwidth than modern vehicles  – and can be modified for a diversity of purposes.

The power train consists of electrical motor and one or more tailormade battery boxes to fit the geometry of the vehicle. All the software, hardware, infrastructure and mechanics used in the platform are OEM grade and optimized for its purpose. So are the thorough testing and evaluation procedures designed by Ericsson Automobile to ensure superior performance and durability. 

All electrical parts of HMA are tested to validate Electromagnetic compatibility (for example ECE Regulation 10 testing) and ready for homologation in a classic vehicle according to EU or national laws. 


Matt Rose Joins Ericsson Automobile

December 2022

New Head of Product Development

Our Development and Operations activity is managed by Matt Rose.

Matt has Extensive experience of  prototype, pre-production and small volume vehicle progrmmes and joins us from Autotech Consulting.  Previously Matt spent 10 years running Multimatic Inc’s European niche vehicle operation.


An experienced automotive professional with project management experience of  prototype, preproduction and small volume production of some 1200 vehicles fully managed and delivered to customers such as Aston Martin, Zagato, Bentley and Bugatti.


A legend aims for the future

October 2022

Event at The Röhsska Museum of Design and Craft

At an event held by Ericsson Automobile at The Röhsska Museum of Design and Craft in Gothenburg, Sweden
– the legendary designer of the Volvo P1800, Pelle Petterson, uncovered the bronze sculpture “Feeling For Future”.
The sculpture is cast from a plaster model of the Volvo P1800 – originally made in 1957 by Mr. Petterson. 

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